Friday, 30 August 2019

Room 1 Learning

Wow! It is already week 6 in our school term! We began week 6 with prayers in the hall with God's Creation story. 
 Room 1 have shared some very special times together, one very important time was visiting the Marae for the first time as a class. It was very interesting to see inside the Marae and listen to all the stories. We sang songs and showed great respect when moving to and from the Marae. 

We have also bee learning all about fractions the past few weeks-particularly what a half and a quarter look like, and most importantly how to use them every day! 
Everyone knows how much Room 1 love Greedy we created Greedy Cat art with Ms Scanlan to go with our writing. They are hanging up in our classroom if you want to come check them out. 

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Days of the Week in Room 1

Wow! What a week of learning it has been in Room 1- we are learning the days of the week in Maori and English. We read a big book this week called Our Teacher Miss Pool by Joy Cowley. This was fantastic! We really loved all the ways that Miss Pool went to school because her car broke down...We did lots of writing about different days of the week and Miss Pool, including our very own illustrations that were inspired by the book. 

We also celebrated the Assumption of Mary the Mother of Jesus-we have been learning the Hail Mary in our classroom prayers and how Mary reminds us of our own special mothers who love us more than anything in the world! We love our Mother Mary just like our own mum's. 

We also welcome our new friends to Room 1-Zara Maddox, Patrick Diver and Talei Elbourne! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Water Care Visit and Mandarin

What a busy week of learning and special visitors in Room 1 this week! For our Social Science, we have been learning about water and the water cycle-we had Sally from Water Care New Zealand come in and take us through the water cycle and how water gets all the way from the ocean to our homes! It was so much fun making our own water cycle for the classroom and home. We even got to act our a liquid, solid and a gas as these are all forms of water. 

On Tuesday, Ms Lee and her lovely friends from China came and made special round dumplings for us! These are not found in New Zealand yet but are made by the Chinese community. In Mandarin, we are learning a song called 'The Family Song.'

Thank you to everyone who wore a Wig for Wig Wednesday! We said a special prayer for all those children who have Cancer. 

Friday, 14 June 2019

Book Week & Pentecost

Wow! What a couple of weeks it has been for Room 1! We have had so much fun celebrating our love for books. We had two amazing authors come and visit us and teach us how to draw-Stu Deval and James Russell. 
It was also Pentecost Sunday on the 9th June-we have been doing special prayers called Meditation every day after lunch and did a special one with candles for Pentecost. Meditation is when we talk to Jesus in our hearts with no talking and our eyes closed. It is very relaxing! Thank you to all our wonderful parents who helped us get all dressed up this week :)