Thursday, 14 February 2019

All about me!

This week in Room 1, we have been collecting information about ourselves! Our favourite colours, pets, ice cream and the number of people in our family. From the information we collected, Ms Scanlan helped us put it into a graph! This helps us to read our information a lot easier-come into Room 1 and check it out.

We have had our first two sessions of swimming this week and it has been the best weather for it! We have been learning how to do a 'safe entry' into the water along with floating on our back and blowing bubbles. All of these skills, especially a 'safe entry' and floating in the water, will keep us safe in any water we decide to hop into. 

Friday, 8 February 2019


This week, Room 1 have been exploring Prayer. We now know that Prayer is talking to and listening to God! We can also do it in many places at home and at school-on the deck, in the church, at the Jesus statue, in the library, in the prayer garden and to the Good Shepherd. When we are in the classroom, we practise how to be still and quiet when we are praying so that we can listen to God even better. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

First Week of School Term 1 2019

It is such a pleasure to welcome all the families and children to Room 1- Abby, Hugo, Liam, Tevita, Morena, Reece, Yasmine and Levi. 
We have had a great first week of school! We are learning our Key Competency-Managing Ourselves, and have been settling into our routine very smoothly.  We are having so much fun getting to know each other and learning new games, letters, words and the Good Shepherd Way. 
We can't wait to keep watching them grow into the Good Shepherd School Community. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Maths, Maths, Maths!

Room 1 love maths! Especially when we get to have independent learning time-choose an independent task that relates to our personal next steps in maths. As our strand learning, we have been using measurement and all the vocabulary that goes with it-big, small, thin, wide, tall, short! We have been comparing lots of different sizes. This will help us solve lots of different mathematical problems everyday. The best thing about our maths learning is that we have been working interdependently-with each other! We learn so much more effectively that way.  

October, the Month of Mary!

Room 1 have been learning all about our blessed Mother Mary. October is the month of the Rosary so every morning at prayers, we have been praying a decade of the Rosary. Our prayer leaders are in charge of this, and we get to hear the special mystery story that goes with each decade (10 Hail Mary's). We have been learning so much about Mary and how Tapu she really is! In your homes you may like to pray the Rosary too using Room 1's Prayer Bag. 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Beginning of Term 4

Our week 1 of Term 4 has flown by before our eyes! Room 1 got off to a sizzling start as usual. Our Key Competency focus for the next couple of weeks is relating to others-in our reading groups, independent learning play, and in whole class discussions. We made a classroom treaty that outlined what things we can do to make Room 1 feel like a safe place. This came from our work with Kia Kaha (Be Strong!). 
This term we are also exploring Music appreciation by listening to a range of different music with lots of different instruments-these instruments belong in different families such as the 'wind' and 'string' family. We gather in Room 2 every day after lunch, lay down, close our eyes and begin this appreciation for music. 
In Chinese Mandarin we have begun our Term by learning the parts of our body-the first being our face! Alec McGilvray who is Chinese is always there to help us when Ms Lee is not around! 
Another highlight of our week was when the Piwakawaka reading group performed their reading group text 'The Little Red Hen' in front of the class on Friday. They worked so hard all week and Room 1 really liked the way they all cooperated with each other. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Butterfly Creek

Room 1 & 2 had such a wonderful time learning about dinosaurs at Butterfly Creek! We got to explore Dinosaur Kingdom, the Aquarium, Farm and even got to see Scar the Crocodile eat some salmon. It was amazing to see a prehistoric animal such as the crocodile up close, it was huge! It even had mini plates on its back, similar to a dinosaur. Our park ranger explained that dinosaurs may have evolved into birds that we see today as millions of years ago, some dinosaurs had feathers too! Very interesting!